BCASH recognizes and responds to issues facing the 21st-century suffering humanity while remaining rooted in respected traditions that define the human-nature relationship.

 The Main Objective of BCASH are:

  • To develop the quality of Homeopathic System.
  • To develop the Standard of Practice in Homeopathic Treatment.
  • To develop the Standard of Homeopathic Education and its Spreading out.
  • To ensure good health for all by Homeopathic Treatment.
  • To provide appropriate Homeopathic Treatment to vast people at low expense.
  • To provide Free Homeopathic Treatment to Extremely Poor Community.
  • To develop Professionalism in Doctors engaged in Homeopathic Treatment and enhance the Exchange of Medical Information.
  • To arrange Advanced Training for generating skilled Doctors.
  • To render Homeopathic Measures in Preventing the Hereditary and By-Born Diseases during Pregnancy.
  • To arrange Homeopathic Seminar, Symposium, International Conference and Homeo Rally for creating health awareness.
  • To arrange Participation of Homeopathic Doctors in Regional and International Homeopathic Conference.
  • To treat the critical and complicated disease with the efficient physicians and Friday Treatment Board